Rent ski equipment in the Alps online

Tired of carrying your ski equipment? In case you want to avoid transporting your things you can rent skis, snowboard and boots online with a discount of up to 50% of the regular price. cooperates with Skiset, Snowell and for rental of ski equipment and where you can book ski equipment in almost all the ski resorts in the Alps and in addition a number of ski resorts all around Europe.

There’s nothing quite like packing your ski equipment to carry with you from plane to train to bus to taxi. There’s also nothing quite like missing your connection because you’re trying to unload your ski equipment. New to the world of skiing? Expect to add at least thirty percent to your holiday budget just to buy brand new equipment that you may only use once.

Need something a little different? Find Ski Holidays can help with a great equipment rental service that will have your skis, boots, and poles waiting for you as soon as you arrive. All of the ski stuff you reserve here is in top notch condition, tuned to the current snow conditions no matter where you’re headed. At the rental shop, you’ll even find friendly, expert service so you feel more comfortable with the stuff you rented.

When you’re looking for a skiing holiday that means having a great time, the last thing you want to do is lug your gear from place to place, or even pack it initially. Let us handle all of the details from lodging to gear rental. To get started, just select the country where you plan to ski, and get ready to save some money and have your ski stuff ready to go the moment you arrive.

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