Ski pass prices in Germany

Below you see a table with all ski pass prices for all the most popular ski resorts in Germany. Please note that the prices listed are the price for a one-day ski pass when purchased on site. You usually get a discount when you buy the ski pass online, and if you buy a ski pass valid for several days it is usually 10 to 20 percent cheaper. However, all these possible discounts differ between different ski resorts.

On average, a ski pass in Germany costs about 49.11 euro. You can see the price per ski resort in the table below.

Ski resort Price adult per day Price youth per day Price child per day
Oberammergau 35.00 EUR 33.00 EUR 23.00 EUR
Feldberg 41.00 EUR 27.00 EUR 27.00 EUR
Spitzingsee 46.50 EUR 40.00 EUR 22.00 EUR
Skiliftkarussell Winterberg 48.00 EUR - 32.00 EUR
Lenggries 49.50 EUR 42.50 EUR 24.00 EUR
Sudelfeld-Bayrischzell 49.50 EUR 42.50 EUR 24.00 EUR
Garmisch-Partenkirchen 60.50 EUR 49.00 EUR 30.50 EUR
Oberstdorf-Nebelhorn 62.90 EUR 48.40 EUR 23.00 EUR