Season ending in Sweden

Season ending for all the popular ski resorts in Sweden. Here you find expected end of season dates for resorts in Sweden. Note that weather and temperatures can make the ski resorts close earlier than expected, and there is no guarentee that the resort will be open until the annonced closing date.
Closed right now (later closing date)
Ski resort Season start Season end Open status
Riksgränsen 23 Feb 2024 26 May 2024 Open
Åre 17 Nov 2023 01 May 2024 Open
Hemavan-Tärnaby 01 Dec 2023 01 May 2024 Open
Kåbdalis 21 Oct 2023 01 May 2024 Open
Dundret (Gällivare) 01 Dec 2023 28 Apr 2024 Closed
Tandådalen 08 Dec 2023 21 Apr 2024 Open
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