Åre ski resort is the Swedish equivalent of the Alps. Åre is the major ski resort in Sweden and also offer many other activities all year around. Skiing during the winter, mountainbike during the summer and adventure sports all year around.

International ski resort

Åre is a classic Swedish ski resort which you really should visit once. It is a wonderful place with a combination of good skiing, cosy town and surrounded by beautiful scenery and nature. The highest peak Åreskutan is 1,420 meters and offers a magnificent view of the Åre lake and Åre village. Åre has the highest vertical drop among the Swedish ski resorts (890 meters) and the only cable car in the Nordics. Åre is an international ski resorts and caters to visitors from all over the world. It has become increasingly popular with foreigners over the last decade.


Åre consists of several areas: Åreskutan, Åre Björnen, Tegefjäll och Duved. The ski areas are divided into two main ski areas: Åreskutan/Björnen och Tegefjäll/Duved. There are pistes for all levels, ranging from beginners to advanced skiers. The system has over a hundred pistes and close to 50 ski lifts. The longest piste is 6,5 kilometers, which is very long for being Sweden.

There are numerous cross-country skiing tracks and also big open areas for skiing in the open terrain. Cosy cottages that serve excellent food hide among the mountains and you can have wonderful excursions.

Off-pist skiing in Åre

In case you are a fan of off-pist skiing or off-pist snowboarding, Åre is a good choice. You can find great off-pist routes but also take a rest in the ski system for a day.
Off-pist areas are available close to the ski system, but you also have good chances of finding untouched snow if you are prepared to walk uphill.

Some suggestion of off-pist areas:
Tväråvalet - on the back of the Åre mountain. Available from the ski lift that goes to the top of the mountain. Head for the big rock and beyond. Lovely ride with good drop. Vertical drop of about 350 meters.
The back of Åreskutan - you now have to get to the very top of the mountain. From the mountain hut at the top you can either go behind a snowmobile or walk the last bit. Several optional routes. Beware of avalanches.
Svartberget - for the adventurous skiers. Only come here in case the risk of avalanches is low as this place is prone for avalanches. The vertical drop is a risk factor in itself. This place suits advanced skiers with a lot of experience.


Åre really is a place to visit even if you don’t even like skiing. There are cosy restaurants, cafés, bars and shops. Beautiful walking paths, with or without snow shoes, surround the village. You can catch a ride on a snowmobile or rent one and go yourself or find yourself in a sleigh pulled by a pack of dogs. Renting Icelandic horses is also popular and you can go fort short and full day rides.

If you feel adventurous you should try paragliding from the top of Åreskutan. A thrilling ride for those who dare. Land on the mountain or the Åre lake, depending on winds and weather.

For those who have children or just want to relax, Åre Holiday Club offers a fantastic aquatic park with all you could wish for. Swimming pool, lit water slide, outdoor pool and a fabulous sauna that offers both steam sauna, Turkish bath, an ice sauna and even an ice pond.

There are plenty of ski schools for children and adults throughout the system and there are loads of activities arranged for children.


In Åre with surroundings there are all kinds of accommodation, ranging from luxury hotels to private chalets and youth hostels. There are loads of private apartments and chalets for rent.

Travelling to Åre

There are several options on how to get to Åre.

Having your own car is practical but expect to drive for quite some time. From Stockholm you have to drive 630 kilometers, from Gothenburg 890 kilometers and from Malmo 1120 kilometers. The roads are of good condition.

It is easy to fly to Åre/Östersund. Domestic airlines such as SAS Scandinavian Airlines operate the route from other major Swedish cities. A bus will connect you with the ski resort. It takes about an hour.

Åre has its own train station right in the middle of the village. It is a really convenient way of travelling. Both day and overnight trains run.

Rent ski equipment

There are 8 shops in Åre that have ski rental, see their prices and where they are located.

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There are 56 restaurants in Åre with 29 different types of kitchens, the most popular being European, Swedish and Scandinavian.

Hotel & accommodations

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