Sweden is a very nice country to go skiing in. Lots of places to choose from, very snow reliable, friendly people and it is quite cheap.

The season ranges from November to April/June - depending on where you go.

Sweden is one of the few places in the world where you can go skiing in the middle of the night. Riksgränsen, up by the polar circle, has the northern light which keeps you up all night - a must do experience!

State/territory in Sweden

Dalarna  (17 ski resorts)
Gästrikland  (1 ski resorts)
Halland  (1 ski resorts)
Hälsingland  (3 ski resorts)
Härjedalen  (7 ski resorts)
Jämtland  (10 ski resorts)
Lappland  (9 ski resorts)
Småland  (2 ski resorts)
Stockholm  (3 ski resorts)
Värmland  (4 ski resorts)
Västergötland  (3 ski resorts)
Östergötland  (2 ski resorts)

Biggest ski resorts

Most ski lifts in Sweden

Lindvallen 42 ski lifts
Vemdalen 35 ski lifts
Hundfjället 22 ski lifts
Tandådalen 21 ski lifts
Stöten 18 ski lifts

Most pistes in Sweden

Vemdalen 58 pistes
Hemavan-Tärnaby 45 pistes
Stöten 45 pistes
Lindvallen 41 pistes
Ramundberget 40 pistes

Highest located ski resorts

Biggest vertical drop in Sweden

Hemavan-Tärnaby 675 meter
Abisko 500 meter
Lofsdalen 492 meter
Stora Blåsjön 475 meter
Vemdalen 470 meter

Highest located pistes in Sweden

Abisko 2000 meter
Hemavan-Tärnaby 1312 meter
Lofsdalen 1125 meter
Ramundberget 1000 meter
Fjätervålen 1000 meter
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