Hälsingland, Sweden

Here you will find all ski resorts that we hold information about in Hälsingland, Sweden. All ski resorts provide information on pistes, weather reports, maps and snow conditions. We provide detailed descriptions for all ski resorts in bold. See all resorts.

Ski resorts in Hälsingland

Biggest ski resorts

Most ski lifts in Hälsingland

Hassela 8 ski lifts
Järvsö 6 ski lifts
Bollebacken Bollnäs 3 ski lifts

Most pistes in Hälsingland

Järvsö 15 pistes
Hassela 13 pistes
Bollebacken Bollnäs 5 pistes

Highest located ski resorts

Biggest vertical drop in Hälsingland

Hassela 310 meter
Järvsö 200 meter
Bollebacken Bollnäs 121 meter

Highest located pistes in Hälsingland

Järvsö 370 meter
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