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13 ski resorts closest to Kittelfjäll

Borgafjäll, Lappland, Sweden 50 km
Hemavan-Tärnaby, Lappland, Sweden 65 km
Stora Blåsjön, Sweden 81 km
Grong, Norway 178 km
Gruvbacken i Huså, Jämtland, Sweden 226 km
Kåbdalis, Sweden 228 km
Åre Björnen, Jämtland, Sweden 236 km
Åre, Sweden 236 km
Duved, Jämtland, Sweden 241 km
Edsåsdalen, Jämtland, Sweden 244 km
Trillevallen, Jämtland, Sweden 248 km
Bydalsfjällen (Bydalen), Jämtland, Sweden 253 km
Storlien, Jämtland, Sweden 270 km
Notice that all distances are shortest route by air and that the actual distance by road could be considerably longer
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