Airport Hemavan Tärnaby Airport in Hemavan Tärnaby

If you fly to Hemavan-Tärnaby you sort of land on the ski slope directly - there really is no need for transfer to Hemavan.
However, if you would like to visit Kittelfjäll, you need to continue by car to your final destination.

Flights to Hemavan-Tärnaby Airport

Only one airline traffics this small airport, with non-stop flights from Arlanda Airport, Stockholm.

Flights from Great Britain

Currently there are no direct flights to Hemavan Tärnaby Airport from Great Britain. You can still always fly to Hemavan Tärnaby Airport via other cities, please note that flight time might be consequently longer but prices may still be cheap.

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23 ski resorts closest to Hemavan Tärnaby Airport, Hemavan Tärnaby

Resort Driving distance and time Distance
Hemavan-Tärnaby, Lappland, Sweden Driving directions 1 km
Kittelfjäll, Lappland, Sweden 133 km, 1 hour 47 mins 65 km
Klimpfjällsliftarna, Sweden Driving directions 84 km
Borgafjäll, Lappland, Sweden 239 km, 3 hours 7 mins 108 km
Stora Blåsjön, Sweden 234 km, 3 hours 24 mins 117 km
Grong, Norway Driving directions 203 km
Kåbdalis, Sweden Driving directions 225 km
Gruvbacken i Huså, Jämtland, Sweden 521 km, 6 hours 25 mins 273 km
Storklinten, Sweden 409 km, 4 hours 58 mins 281 km
Åre Björnen, Jämtland, Sweden Driving directions 284 km
Åre, Sweden 500 km, 6 hours 46 mins 284 km
Dundret (Gällivare), Lappland, Sweden 481 km, 5 hours 39 mins 286 km
Duved, Jämtland, Sweden 456 km, 6 hours 40 mins 288 km
Edsåsdalen, Jämtland, Sweden Driving directions 293 km
Trillevallen, Jämtland, Sweden 516 km, 6 hours 26 mins 297 km
Bydalsfjällen (Bydalen), Jämtland, Sweden Driving directions 307 km
Narvik, Norway Driving directions 310 km
Storlien, Jämtland, Sweden Driving directions 311 km
Vålådalens Fjällstation, Sweden Driving directions 312 km
Riksgränsen, Lappland, Sweden Driving directions 320 km
Abisko, Lappland, Sweden Driving directions 326 km
Björkliden, Lappland, Sweden Driving directions 328 km
Ljungdalsberget, Sweden Driving directions 346 km
  • Note that the distances to ski resorts are shortest distance by air. Driving and transfer distance is by road and will be longer.
  • Detailed descriptions available for ski resorts in bold.

Map Hemavan Tärnaby Airport, Hemavan Tärnaby

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