Airport Zürich International Airport in Zurich

Zurich Airport is convenient if you intend to go skiing in Switzerland, Austria or Germany. It is the closest airport of all for several major ski resorts, such as Engelberg.

Airport shuttles

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The companies below operate to and from the Airport in Zurich to the ski resorts. Notice that these are examples and that others may exist.

Flights from Great Britain

Currently there are no direct flights to Zürich International Airport from Great Britain. You can still always fly to Zürich International Airport via other cities, please note that flight time might be consequently longer but prices may still be cheap.

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25 ski resorts closest to Zürich International Airport, Zurich

Resort Driving distance and time Distance
Hoch-Ybrig, Switzerland 80.2 km, 1 hour 10 mins 52 km
Amden-Arvenbüel, Switzerland Driving directions 59 km
Feldberg, Germany Driving directions 59 km
Alt St. Johann, Switzerland 100 km, 1 hour 25 mins 63 km
Unterwasser, Switzerland 102 km, 1 hour 29 mins 64 km
Wildhaus, Switzerland 106 km, 1 hour 30 mins 67 km
Flumserberg, Switzerland 119 km, 1 hour 29 mins 68 km
Engelberg, Switzerland 100 km, 1 hour 18 mins 72 km
Sörenberg, Switzerland 115 km, 1 hour 42 mins 81 km
Meiringen-Hasliberg, Switzerland 115 km, 1 hour 32 mins 85 km
Disentis, Switzerland Driving directions 87 km
Flims / Laax, Switzerland 163 km, 1 hour 50 mins 89 km
Malbun (Triesenberg), Liechtenstein 143 km, 1 hour 46 mins 89 km
Sedrun Oberalp, Switzerland Driving directions 89 km
Obersaxen Mundaun, Switzerland Driving directions 89 km
Andermatt, Switzerland 125 km, 1 hour 35 mins 92 km
Brandnertal, Austria Driving directions 97 km
Chur-Brambrüesch, Switzerland Driving directions 100 km
Interlaken, Switzerland 133 km, 1 hour 45 mins 100 km
Grindelwald, Switzerland 151 km, 2 hours 9 mins 100 km
Damüls Mellau, Austria 177 km, 2 hours 17 mins 102 km
Airolo, Switzerland 137 km, 1 hour 44 mins 103 km
Wengen, Switzerland Driving directions 106 km
Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland 144 km, 2 hours 1 min 108 km
Lenzerheide, Switzerland 164 km, 1 hour 57 mins 111 km
  • Note that the distances to ski resorts are shortest distance by air. Driving and transfer distance is by road and will be longer.
  • Detailed descriptions available for ski resorts in bold.

Map Zürich International Airport, Zurich

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