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Unterwasser, Switzerland

Unterwasser is located in St. Gallen, a canton the northern parts of Switzerland and if you are thinking of booking a ski trip to Unterwasser you have come to the right place. The best time of year to ski in Unterwasser is during the end November to start April.

Unterwasser has pistes totaling 50 kilometer, of which 8 kilometer are blue easy pistes, 40 kilometer red and slightly more challenging slopes, and 2 kilometer black and more difficult pistes. Here you'll find 12 lifts, with a total capacity of 13190 passengers/hour. As Unterwasser belongs to the ski area Chäserrugg - Unterwasser/Alt St. Johann (Toggenburg), one have access to all facilities in all ski resorts included there. The highest point in the ski system is at 2262 meter, which gives a vertical drop of 1362 meter. Here you can also find some really long pistes, the longest one is 7.9 kilometers.

Do you like to sleeping in in the morning? No problem, in Unterwasser there is the possibility of night skiing, so you will still get your fair share of skiing if you like. There are also other skiing and snowboarding activities here besides the slopes, for the more daring (and perhaps more experienced) skiers there is both a fun park and a halfpipe facility.

If downhill skiing isn't your thing, or other in travel company don't like it, there are 15 kilometers of cross-country skiing tracks available for those who needs a good exercise. In addition to skiing, there is also the possibility of winter hiking here, and even a toboggan run if you want to try it.

If you want to fly to Unterwasser

For those of you who want to fly to Unterwasser the nearest airport is Zürich International Airport, Zurich. The distance from this airport to Unterwasser is 64 kilometers. It is also possible to fly to the airports Allgäu Airport/Memmingen, which is 112 kilometers away, and Lugano Airport, which has a distance of 136 kilometers from Unterwasser.

Other ski resorts nearby Unterwasser

Just nearby, with a distance of 2 kilometers from Unterwasser, you will find Alt St. Johann. Other nearby ski resorts are Wildhaus (3 kilometers) and Amden-Arvenbüel (11 kilometers).

Ski areas Unterwasser form part of

Unterwasser is part of the ski area Toggenburg together with 2 other ski resorts.

Rent ski equipment in Unterwasser

We offer pre-booking of ski equipment in Unterwasser in co-operation with Snowell. When booking online you can save up to 50% compared with booking upon arrival.

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