Airport Åre Östersund Airport in Östersund

The Airport of Östersund is the closest one to Åre, the number one ski resort in Sweden. You reach this Airport via a transfer in Stockholm. It takes about an hour to travel from Östersund to Åre via coach or car.

Airport shuttle

Åre Flygtransfer (in cooperation with Taxi Östersund) offers Airport shuttle services via bus or taxi, depending on the number of travellers.
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Flights from Great Britain

Currently there are no direct flights to Åre Östersund Airport from Great Britain. You can still always fly to Åre Östersund Airport via other cities, please note that flight time might be consequently longer but prices may still be cheap.

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25 ski resorts closest to Åre Östersund Airport, Östersund

Resort Driving distance and time Distance
Bydalsfjällen (Bydalen), Jämtland, Sweden 75.5 km, 59 mins 37 km
Trillevallen, Jämtland, Sweden Driving directions 66 km
Åre Björnen, Jämtland, Sweden 84.1 km, 1 hour 8 mins 70 km
Edsåsdalen, Jämtland, Sweden Driving directions 72 km
Åre, Sweden 86.7 km, 1 hour 8 mins 74 km
Gruvbacken i Huså, Jämtland, Sweden 87.9 km, 1 hour 12 mins 76 km
Vålådalens Fjällstation, Sweden 101 km, 1 hour 23 mins 77 km
Duved, Jämtland, Sweden 95.0 km, 1 hour 19 mins 82 km
Vemdalen, Härjedalen, Sweden 130 km, 1 hour 47 mins 90 km
Ljungdalsberget, Sweden 152 km, 2 hours 21 mins 94 km
Ramundberget, Härjedalen, Sweden 236 km, 3 hours 10 mins 120 km
Storlien, Jämtland, Sweden 148 km, 1 hour 55 mins 120 km
Funäsdalen, Härjedalen, Sweden 214 km, 2 hours 48 mins 123 km
Tännäskröket, Sweden 204 km, 2 hours 41 mins 126 km
Tänndalen, Härjedalen, Sweden 226 km, 3 hours 10 mins 132 km
Lofsdalen, Härjedalen, Sweden 204 km, 2 hours 39 mins 136 km
Fjätervålen, Dalarna, Sweden 248 km, 3 hours 36 mins 160 km
Grövelsjön, Dalarna, Sweden Driving directions 166 km
Idre, Dalarna, Sweden 267 km, 3 hours 45 mins 169 km
Idre Himmelfjäll, Sweden Driving directions 169 km
Hassela, Hälsingland, Sweden 206 km, 2 hours 57 mins 169 km
Grong, Norway 265 km, 3 hours 38 mins 171 km
Stora Blåsjön, Sweden Driving directions 183 km
Borgafjäll, Lappland, Sweden Driving directions 184 km
Järvsö, Hälsingland, Sweden 237 km, 3 hours 14 mins 186 km
  • Note that the distances to ski resorts are shortest distance by air. Driving and transfer distance is by road and will be longer.
  • Detailed descriptions available for ski resorts in bold.

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