FAQ about Selva Val Gardena

Here you find some of the most common questions, and of course answers to them, that people usually have about Selva Val Gardena regarding the trip there, skiing, things to do, accommodation etc.

Which are the closest airports to Selva Val Gardena?

The airport closest to Selva Val Gardena is Bolzano Airport, located only 50 kilometres away. It is of course very conveniently located but this a very small airport with not many international flights. There are however direct flights to here from for example London, Berlin, Hamburg, Antwerp and Copenhagen with the airline Sky Alps, see which days and where they fly to and from Bolzano here.

Other international airports with more flights that are located close enough to easily drive or arrange transfer from are:

  • Innsbruck Airport (IATA: INN) - this Austrian airport is the closest major airport, only 120 kilometres from Selva Val Gardena. Normal driving time is a bit less than two hours.
  • Verona Villafranca Airport (IATA: VRN) - driving distance from here are about 190 kilometres, and the driving time is approximately 2.5 hours.
  • Venice Marco Polo Airport (IATA: VCE) - this airport is also around 190 kilometres away, but the driving time is longer, expect up to 3.5-hour driving.
  • Bergamo Airport (IATA: BGY) - from here the distance is further, about 275 kilometres to drive. On the other hand, the driving time is not too bad from here, with good conditions around 3.5-hour driving.

Are there any nice 5-star hotels in Selva Val Gardena?

Yes, Selva Val Gardena actually have two centrally located 5-star hotels. One is the hotel Granbaita Dolomites which has a both indoor and outdoor pools, a wellness centre and free parking. The second 5-star hotel is Hotel Alpenroyal that can offer a spa, a fancy restaurant, and a few pools. Both these hotels, being 5-star hotels, of course offers all the amenities you can wish for. Among the two Granbaita Dolomites has a higher customer review ranking.

If you are looking for more decently priced highly rated 4-star hotels it can be worth to check out Hotel Aaritz, The Laurin Hotel and Hotel Freina. However, these are just examples, there are plenty of good hotel options to be found in Selva Val Gardena, you can browse all hotels here.

Selva Val Gardena, only Val Gardena, or Val Gardena Gröden - what is actually the correct name for this ski resort?

Well, the correct name for the ski resort in the Val Gardena valley in the Dolomites can be a bit confusing due to its multilingual context. In Italian, the valley and the main town are referred to as "Val Gardena" and "Selva di Val Gardena", so in Italian it can be called "Val Gardena". In German, the valley is known as "Gardena" and the main town as "Wolkenstein in Gröden", so the ski resort might be referred to as "Val Gardena Gröden" in German. But in the region's local language, which is the Ladin language, the valley is called "Gherdëina" and the main town "Sëlva", and they often refer to it as simply "Gherdëina".

How much does a ski pass cost in Selva Val Gardena?

The price for the ski pass Seiser Alm/Val Gardena for an adult is 74.00 EUR. For youth and kids the price is 52.00 EUR. All prices are per day.

Can I rent ski equipment anywhere in Selva Val Gardena?

If you want to rent your ski equipment in Selva Val Gardena, you can do so in the stores Dolomiti Adventures Rock and Snow and GDB Sport-NO SHOP.only delivery to accommodation. If you want to see booking options and the shops on a map you can see them all here.

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