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The ski resort Hammarbybacken is located in Sweden, and if you are interested in going here, you will find the information you are looking for here.

The ski system in Hammarbybacken consists of 4 lifts and 4 pistes, where the color distribution on slopes is 2 green slopes, 1 blue slope and 1 red slope. There are also other skiing and snowboarding activities here besides the slopes, for the more daring (and perhaps more experienced) skiers there is both a fun park and a halfpipe facility.

Closest ski resorts to Hammarbybacken

Flottsbro is the closest ski resort to Hammarbybacken with a distance of 15 kilometers. Other ski resorts nearby are Väsjöbacken, 19 kilometers away, and at 133 kilometers away from Hammarbybacken you will find Yxbacke (Norrköping).


There are 220 restaurants in Hammarbybacken with 58 different types of kitchens, the most popular being European, Swedish and Italian.

Hotel & accommodations

Here you will find in total 8 hotel, apartments and chalets/houses in Hammarbybacken.
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