Fieberbrunn, Austria

The ski resort of Fieberbrunn in the Austrian Tyrol is located in the Pillersee valley and is a village dating back to before Roman times, so there is not only skiing here, but also a lot of history. The name Fieberbrunn literally means "fever well" and the name comes from a legend that a countess who had a fever drank water from a fountain in the village and then got well.

Fieberbrunn has always been a popular ski resort for ski trips, but since December 2015, when the ski system was connected to the Skicircus ski area which also includes Saalbach, Hinterglemm and Leogang, Fieberbrunn's popularity has grown even further as you now have access to a significantly larger area for skiing.

The ski area around Fieberbrunn

Fieberbrunn, or rather the ski area Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn (Skicircus), has a total of 270 kilometers of groomed slopes for skiing. 140 kilometers are blue pistes of the easier kind, 112 kilometers are red and a bit more difficult, and finally there are 18 kilometers of black and more challenging pistes. In total, there are 70 lifts in the ski area and together they provide a total capacity to serve 144974 passengers/hour skiers every hour. The highest drop height in the area is 1266 meter meters starting from the highest point of 2096 meter meters. The longest piste in the area is a full 2096 meter kilometer long.

Fieberbrunn is also very well known for its excellent opportunities for freeriding, something that makes them a permanent feature as a ski resort of choice on the Freeride World Tour every ski season.

You also have night skiing in the ski area, but unfortunately not in Fieberbrunn, then you must go to either the L12 Schantei lift in the neighboring village of Leogang, or the A9 Unterschwarzach lift in Hinterglemm. However, night skiing is not necessarily open every day, have look here for current days and times.

If you want to alternate downhill skiing with a bit of cross-country skiing, the ski area Skicircus has a whole 260 km kilometer of tracks for this. Right around Fieberbrunn, however, there are only around 25 kilometers of tracks for cross-country skiing.

After-ski in Fieberbrunn

Fieberbrunn is a bit of a quiet village, and it is foremost Saalbach or Hinterglemm that you would choose in the Skicircus area if you are looking for good après ski and party. It's not completely dead though. For example Biwak and S4 Alm are both nice places with a good atmosphere for a few beers or drinks after skiing, and they're both right by the lifts 100 meters from each other. Down in the village is the bar Castello, which is very popular, and just a stone's throw away from there you will find Fieberbrunn's only nightclub, D&D Tenne.

Plenty of activities off the slopes

If you want to choose to do something other than skiing for a day or afternoon, there are a lot of activities to choose from in Fieberbrunn. There are a couple of trekking tours you can go on to discover the beautiful surroundings around the village. If you want a bit more challenging trekking, you can rent snowshoes and go hiking in the surrounding forests and mountains that have not been prepared specifically for hiking.

If you are on a skiing holiday with children and want to do a simple hike with a little extra spice with them, there is llama trekking. This simply means that you go out for a short hike with a couple of llamas, something that many children appreciate.

There is also the toboggan with a two kilometer long groomed slope specially prepared for this, something that is fun for both adults and children. However, you have to walk an hour and a half to reach the start, so plan this activity in time.

If you want to relax for a day or unwind after a tough day on the slopes, you turn to Aubad. Here you can take a sauna and get a massage, and there is also a 25-meter pool if you want to do some exercise swimming. There are also activities for the children as Aubad has a 65 meter long water slide and a small play pool with fountains. There is also a restaurant here if you plan to stay for many hours.

Fly and drive to Fieberbrunn

If you want to fly to Fieberbrunn, there are two good options. The absolute best is to fly to Salzburg Airport Wolfgang A Mozart. From the airport in Salzburg, it is just over an hour's drive to Fieberbrunn with either a rental car or transfer. Another option is to fly to Innsbruck. By car or shuttle bus, it is then about an hour and a half to drive to Fieberbrunn. Both of these airports are international airports with plenty of direct flights from most larger cities in Europe, especially in winter during the ski season.

Another transfer option is train. Fieberbrunn has its own train station and there are direct trains from both Salzburg and Innsbruck. The train journey from both cities normally takes around two hours.

The fact that Fieberbrunn has its own train station also makes it possible to actually take the train all the way if you live in Europe, depending on where you live of course. As example, from Paris the train ride can be done in 8 to 9 hours, from Amsterdam 9 to 10 hours and from Berlin you can get here in just 6 to 7 hours. Do expect a few changes of train on the way though.

Ski areas Fieberbrunn form part of

Fieberbrunn is part of the ski area Skicircus together with 3 other ski resorts.

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