Airport Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Seattle

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Seattle is the airport that is most conveniently located near ski resorts such as Crystal Mountain, Stevens Pass and White Pass, and this is where you would fly if you are planning for a ski holiday to any of these resorts, or others close by.

9 ski resorts closest to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Seattle

Resort Driving distance and time Distance
Crystal Mountain Driving directions 85 km
Stevens Pass 90.0 mi, 1 hour 44 mins 97 km
White Pass Driving directions 114 km
Mount Baker Driving directions 164 km
Timberline Driving directions 240 km
Mount Hood Meadows Driving directions 240 km
Apex Driving directions 279 km
Whistler 230 mi, 4 hours 13 mins 300 km
Mount Washington Driving directions 337 km
Note that the distances to ski resorts are shortest distance by air. Driving and transfer distance is by road and will be longer.
Detailed descriptions available for ski resorts in bold.

Map Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Seattle

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