Whakapapa (Mount Ruapehu)
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Historical snow depth Whakapapa (Mount Ruapehu)

Here you will find historical snow depth data for the ski resort Whakapapa (Mount Ruapehu). You can see how the snow depth has been on average by month, or see more detailed data by week.

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Snow depth history in Whakapapa (Mount Ruapehu) by month

Here below, we show history of how the snow depth in Whakapapa (Mount Ruapehu) looked on average for each month during the last seasons.

Open for skiing
Partly open
Data missing
  2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
June 9 cm 0 cm 48 cm
July 46 cm 63 cm 35 cm 54 cm 55 cm
August 234 cm 99 cm 100 cm 81 cm 119 cm
September 272 cm 136 cm 177 cm 73 cm 135 cm
October 306 cm 105 cm 155 cm 47 cm 112 cm
November 251 cm
December 0 cm
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