Skiing in USA and Canada

If you reside in Europe you have probably seen the glossy ski magazines and dreamt of going west.

USA and Canada ranks high on most skiers wish lists and some travellers return every year. Why is the US and Canada such a good place for skiing? We have gathered a lot of good ideas and input for you:

Short but fun ski pistes

The peaks of the ski resorts in the U.S. and Canada are lower than the equivalent in the Alps. This also applies to the ski resorts which are located on lower altitude. However, it does not affect much as the major ski resort have a good track-record of good snow conditions as well as a good supply of powder snow.

As the mountains are a bit lower, there are plenty of forests that surround the ski areas and you have good chances of some fun forest skiing. The ones that designed the ski slopes really tried to make the best of them and to make them as fun as possible. You get a greater skiing experience than in the equivalent slope compared to the Alps.


Heli-skiing is limited in most European countries. In Canada, most of all, you have the chance of heli-skiing. In the western parts of Canada, around Vancouver and Calgary, you can get to experience true “champagne powder”, try and fluffy snow. High altitude and try air creates snow that is of another kind of quality than you normally encounter. You will return to the valley with a big smile on your face!

High service levels

Tired of bored French waiters that are rude to you? Go west and experience a higher level of service wherever you go.

Off-pist skiing

In USA and Canada off-pist skiing is not like in Europe. You cannot really go anywhere you like without taking the risk of facing consequences. You could take your ski-pass, fine you or even put you in jail. The ski resorts are scared of being sued in case someone gets hurt. Respect rules and legislation and you will have a better ski vacation.

What are the most popular ski resorts in USA and Canada?

Some of the most popular resorts are Whistler and Fernie i Canada and Aspen, Jackson Hole, Steamboat, Alta, Snowbird, Silverton, Mammoth Mountain and Killington in USA.
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