Silverton, Colorado, USA

Silverton, Colorado is an absolutely amazing experience. It was created just a few years ago when it installed the first and only ski lift. From that you can reach the ski area, which is the entire mountain.

There are no pistes, but you go off-piste wherever you want. It is suitable for those who are advanced and adventurous skiers who have skied off-piste previously or go with a guide. You may not even go up in the lift if you lack avalanche equipment. Could it get more exciting?

At times skiing is allowed by the company of a guide only. During these periods there is a limited number of skiers allowed, around 80 people only, so it sure doesn’t get crowded.

Highest located mountain in North America

Silverton is the highest located skiing area in North America and has excellent snow conditions. It is also very steep and the gradient is always more than 30 degrees. The vertical drop is around 1,800 meters.

Pay a visit from November to April.

Combine with a trip to Aspen

You can easily pay a visit to several ski areas during your visit to Silverton, Aspen for instance. Within a few hours you will also find Telluride and Crested Butte.

Hotel & accommodation in Silverton

Unfortunately there is currently no availability for hotels, apartments and chalets/houses in Silverton just nu
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