Weather and snow conditions in Romme

Here you find the weather, snow depth, temperature, wind powe, wind chill factor and so on in Romme right now and for the coming 5 days.

Snow conditions and status for Romme

Snow depth slopes:
100 cm
Snow depth terrain:
5 cm
Lifts open:
Pistes open:
Ski resort is open
Not available
Cross-country lit:
Not available
Avalanche Risk

Parks in Romme

Våra Juniorparker Open
Rommiland Open

Snow depth previous seasons

Weather report for Romme

5 days weather forecast for Romme, including temperature and expected wind strength.
Date Temperature °C Wind-force m/s Wind Direction
Mon 6 Feb -2° 1 S
Tue 7 Feb 3 SV
Wed 8 Feb 4 SV
Thu 9 Feb 6 SV
Fri 10 Feb -1° 4 V
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