Bansko is the most popular ski resort in Bulgaria. Bansko offers long pistes, but also has a very rich and exciting history. Perfect for those who want to learn a bit about the country's history, while also wanting to enjoy great skiing. A wide range of restaurants and outdoor venues means the day doesn't have to end just because the lifts close.

The city of Bansko is located at the foot of the Pirin Mountains, located in southwestern Bulgaria. Getting around the city and nearby facilities is very easy, as Bansko has a well-developed infrastructure. There are both hotels and cabins to stay in, which are closely connected to the ski resort. For those who want to live a little further away from the facility, there is also housing to rent in the city of Bansko itself.

How do I get to Bansko?

Basko is located only 160 km south of Bulgaria's capital Sofia. There are many flights to Sofia, so accessibility is great. To then get on to Bansko from Sofia, the easiest and most comfortable way is by car. It is possible to book a transfer in advance, or rent your own car. For those who prefer to travel by bus, there are good connections between Bansko and many of the larger cities. From Sofia, it takes about three hours to get to Bansko by bus. The bus stop is centrally located, and there are many trips per day. It is also possible to get to Bansko by train. However, it takes much longer than traveling by car or bus.

Wide range of food and drink

There are plenty of good places to eat. In Bansko you have access to hundreds of bars and traditional restaurants, called "mehana". Eating and drinking is very cheap compared to normal ski resort prices.

Challenges for the adventurous

For those of you who are a little more daring, there are many exciting activities to try. Try para-skiing, take a scooter ride up in the mountains or go ski-mountaineering. All these activities offer beautiful nature and an unbeatable view for you who take you to high altitudes.

Exciting experiences on and off the piste

For those interested, there are many attractions outside the ski resort itself. The city of Bansko has over 120 cultural and historical monuments to explore. If you prefer hiking in nature, the Pirin National Park is a short walk south of Bansko. The park is listed on UNESCO for its beautiful nature and cultural history.

Rent ski equipment

Rent your skis, boots and snowboard online and save up to 50% compared to rent in the village and save both time and money.

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There are 89 restaurants in Bansko with 38 different types of kitchens, the most popular being European, Eastern European and Barbecue.

Hotel & accommodations

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