Bulgaria is not a big skiing country but ski tourism here is growing. Bulgaria has long been a cheap eastern country, but in recent years there have been large investments in several ski resorts, which has pushed the prices up a bit. It's still cheap here though, and the fact is that Bulgaria is one of the cheapest countries in Europe to go on a ski holiday to, especially when you look at the skiing you get for your money. Especially accommodation and food are very cheap, but the lift tickets are also very affordable, and it is cheaper than most other countries in Europe to rent skis.

Due to Bulgaria featuring quite a lot on lists of Europe's cheapest skiing, ski tourism here has increased significantly in recent years. The positive thing about this is that the development of the ski resorts has accelerated and made the ski facilities more modern and considering the rising temperature of the earth and the future snow supply, now is the time to go here.

Bulgaria primarily has three major ski resorts that may be worth going on a ski holiday here for, which are Bansko, Borovetz and Pamporovo. If you are visiting Sofia and want to try skiing, there is also the small ski resort Vitosha, which is located just outside the city.

All the ski resorts in Bulgaria are located in the western parts of the country, and since the capital Sofia is as well, it makes it practical to travel to the ski resorts as Sofia has plenty of international flights.

Borovetz is Bulgaria's oldest and most classic ski resort. It is located approximately 70 kilometres from Sofia, just over an hour by car, and has a lot of easy to moderate slopes, but also some advanced slopes. The ski resort has developed rapidly in recent years and now offers a good lift system and fine hotels.

Bansko is Bulgaria's most popular ski resort and it is located 160 kilometres from Sofia. It has become internationally known and is developing rapidly. In recent years alone, there have been major investments in, among other things, lift systems and hotels. There are two ski areas here: Chalin Valog and Shiligarnikaoch, and in total there are over 70 km of pistes here.

Pamporovo is the ski resort furthest from Sofia, about 230 kilometers and about three hours away by car. This ski resort is great for beginners and families with children as there are plenty of gentler slopes here. Pamporovo is also a slightly cheaper and quieter option than Bansko.

Skiing in Bulgaria is best suited for those who want to learn skiing, are beginners or intermediate skiers, perfect for families with children in other words. The advanced slopes are generally not quite the class that a skilled skier is used to from the Alps, but especially in Bansko, the more advanced skiers can find challenging skiing as well.

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