Airport Franz Josef Strauss in Munich

The airport of Franz Josef Strauss in Munich is an excellent gateway to the ski resorts in the German Alps, as well as the Austrian Alps.

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Flights from Great Britain

The following flights are available from Great Britain to Franz Josef Strauss right now:

  • From Edinburgh - flights with easyJet
  • From Gatwick, London - flights with easyJet
  • From Heathrow, London - flights with British Airways and Lufthansa
  • From Manchester - flights with easyJet

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25 ski resorts closest to Franz Josef Strauss, Munich

Resort Driving distance and time Distance
Lenggries, Germany 102 km, 1 hour 19 mins 76 km
Spitzingsee, Germany 104 km, 1 hour 20 mins 77 km
Sudelfeld-Bayrischzell, Germany Driving directions 77 km
Zahmer Kaiser - Walchsee, Austria Driving directions 88 km
Kössen, Austria Driving directions 89 km
Christlum Achenkirch, Austria 128 km, 1 hour 41 mins 94 km
Scheffau, Austria 148 km, 1 hour 36 mins 98 km
Söll, Austria 144 km, 1 hour 38 mins 99 km
Oberammergau, Germany 129 km, 1 hour 37 mins 101 km
Ellmau, Austria 151 km, 1 hour 38 mins 101 km
Going, Austria 153 km, 1 hour 43 mins 102 km
Itter, Austria Driving directions 102 km
Wildschönau, Austria 153 km, 1 hour 39 mins 103 km
Waidring, Austria Driving directions 104 km
St Johann, Austria Driving directions 104 km
Hopfgarten, Austria Driving directions 104 km
Alpbachtal, Austria Driving directions 107 km
Westendorf, Austria Driving directions 107 km
Kirchberg, Austria Driving directions 108 km
Mittenwald, Germany 142 km, 1 hour 53 mins 109 km
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany 126 km, 1 hour 33 mins 109 km
Almenwelt Lofer, Austria Driving directions 109 km
Kitzbühel, Austria 167 km, 1 hour 58 mins 110 km
Fügen-Spieljoch, Austria 174 km, 1 hour 54 mins 112 km
Fieberbrunn, Austria Driving directions 113 km
  • Note that the distances to ski resorts are shortest distance by air. Driving and transfer distance is by road and will be longer.
  • Detailed descriptions available for ski resorts in bold.

Map Franz Josef Strauss, Munich

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