Looking for a Challenge? Try Skiing Australia

You may not think about the Aussies when it comes to booking a ski trip, but if you’ve done the Alps and you’re ready to explore a bit, Australia is really the perfect place to consider.

The Terrain

Australia’s resorts are all on the Great Dividing Range, some of the world’s oldest mountains. They’re more than 40 million years old, so erosion plays a factor. The slopes throughout the country are pretty short, so it probably makes a better cross country ski destination than a downhill one, but it’s certainly worth a try.

The Resorts

Perisher: Once known by Perisher Blue, this is the biggest spot to ski in the entire country. There’s a variety of areas to consider, and there are actually four resorts within the one. Their ticketing system, though, will allow you to access all of them. The lodges are pretty spread out here, so be ready to do some serious walking unless your lodging offers bussing.

Thredbo: You won’t have quite as much space at Thredbo, but there’s a long supertrail that is amazing. The choice of lodgings are vast, whether you want five star quality or a hostel. There’s even a free shuttle to help you reach wherever you’d like to go.

Falls Creek: This one is actually located in Victoria, the only other province with skiing. The world class 42 kilometer cross country marathon calls this one home. It’s a beautiful setting, and there are free shuttles throughout the village.

There are a total of eight resorts worth mentioning in Australia, and no matter which one you finally select, you’re going to get an experience you just won’t anywhere else in the world, no matter where you actually end up skiing. Book today for the experience of a lifetime.


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