FAQ about Schladming

Here you find some of the most common questions, and of course answers to them, that people usually have about Schladming regarding the trip there, skiing, things to do, accommodation etc.

Which is the closest airport to Schladming?

The closest airport to Schladming is Salzburg Airport (W. A. Mozart Airport), located approximately 90 kilometers away. Salzburg Airport is the most convenient option for travellers heading to Schladming, as it offers good connections to various international destinations and provides relatively easy access to the town via road and rail. Driving from Salzburg Airport to Schladming takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes and by train it takes a bit more than 2 hours.

Does Schladming have a train station?

Yes, Schladming has its own train station known as Schladming Bahnhof in German. The train station is well-connected to the Austrian railway network, making it a convenient transportation option for visitors traveling to Schladming by train. You can reach Schladming by train from various Austrian cities, including Salzburg and Graz, as well as from other European destinations. The train station is located in the centre of Schladming, making it easily accessible for travellers arriving by train.

What is the Hohenhaus Tenne in Schladming?

The Hohenhaus Tenne in Schladming is an iconic and vibrant nightlife establishment that holds a special place in the town's apres-ski scene. It's a spacious Alpine disco and nightclub known for its lively atmosphere, energetic music, and enthusiastic crowds. The venue features multiple dance floors, bars, and cozy corners, making it a versatile space for visitors looking to unwind and celebrate after a day of skiing or outdoor activities.

Hohenhaus Tenne often hosts live music performances and DJ sets, creating an electric ambiance where locals and tourists come together to enjoy the night. Its popularity during the winter season, especially during events like the FIS Ski World Cup Night Slalom, adds to the festive spirit of Schladming.

Are there any snow parks or terrain parks in Schladming designed for freestyle skiers and snowboarders?

Yes, the mountains Planai and Reiteralm offer snow parks with various features like jumps, rails, and boxes for freestyle enthusiasts to hone their skills.

Are there any traditional Austrian dishes or local specialties to try in Schladming?

Yes, while you are in Schladming, don't miss the chance to savor local dishes like Kasnudeln (cheese-filled pasta) and Ennstaler Steirerkas (cheese) at traditional Austrian restaurants.

Does Schladming have night skiing?

Yes, Schladming offers night skiing on the Hochwurzen mountain. It's a thrilling experience to ski under the stars and the floodlights of the slopes.

What is Schladming's connection to the Dachstein Ice Cave and the Mammoth Cave?

Schladming is a gateway to the Dachstein Ice Cave and the Mammoth Cave, two fascinating subterranean attractions where you can explore vast ice formations and ancient history.

What is the ski pass price in Schladming?

A ski pass in Schladming cost 73.50 EUR per day for adults, for youth 55.50 EUR and for children ski pass price is 37.00 EUR.

Can I rent ski equipment in Schladming?

Schladming has 8 places where you can rent ski equipment on your ski holiday there. To see booking options and a map where you can find the shop that is most suitable for you, click here. The best thing is to book your ski equipment in advance, as it is usually cheaper to book online.

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