Luxury skiing destinations and restaurants in the Guide Michelin in the Alps

1. Courchevel

Courchevel, in the region Les Trois Vallées, is the French epi center of experiences in more ways than one. Not the least for foodies aiming at experiencing the stars of Guide Michelin. Courchevel offers several exquisite dining places, of which seven have been blessed with a star. ‘Foodies’ in search of extraordinary taste experiences should keep Le Chabichou, La Bateau, La Bouitte and La Table Du Lana in mind. All of these have been appointed with two stars in the Guide.

2. Megève

Megève offers 13 restaurants mentioned in the Guide Michelin. The exclusive duo of Flocons de Sel (the salt flakes) and La Ferme de mon Pére are however outstanding. Both have been appointed three stars in the Guide. A rare appointment, which has only been achieved by a hundred restaurants worldwide.

3. Val Thorens

Luxurious Val Thorens hosts a line of first class restaurants. We find for instance the super exclusive gourmet restaurant Jean Sulpice (formerly known as Oxalys). Double stars in the Guide Michelin, which is two stars more than any other Val Thorens based restaurant. Expensive, exclusive, unforgettable. Don’t miss it.

4. Chamonix

Chamonix is one of the super stars in the Alpes. Always famous. Skiers that appreciate slightly more extreme experiences than others pay a yearly visit to this elite ski resort. Less known is that Chamonix also is a prestigious destination for ‘foodies’ from all over the world. An example worth mentioning is Hameau Albert 1er, which is the best restaurant in Chamonix and holds two stars in the Guide Michelin.

5. St Martin de Belleville

St Martin de Belleville is something of a dark horse in the French Les Trois Vallées, but not to be missed out on by ambitious ‘foodies’. The pride of this resort is the internationally well-known luxury restaurant La Bouitte. They offer traditional French gourmet food of impeccably high quality. La Bouitte has really deserved its two Guide Michelin stars.

6. La Tania

La Tania is characterized by a distinguished culinary range of dining options. The luxury restaurant Le Farçon with a star in the Guide Michelin is a given place to pay a visit. Suprisingly, Le Farçon is relatively affordable. You can enjoy a three course lunch for around 30 pounds.

7. Alta Badia

Alta Badia in the Italian Dolomites, close to the Austrian border, is worshipped by a large number of ’foodies’. Three restaurants in this ski resort hold four Guide Michelin stars all together. Two of the stars belong to St Hubertus, a restaurant that has made a culinary high jump during the 21st century. Luxurious La Stüa de Michil and La Siriola are not far behind, each boasting a star each in the Guide.

8. Morzine

L'Atelier is the culinary epi center for ’foodies’, of course partly due to the well-deserved star in the Guide Michelin. Also the newer restaurant of Chalet Philibert is well worth a visit. The restaurant can so far not boast with a star in the Guide Michelin, but rumours tell us this could change quickly. However, it is well-reputed.

9. Saas-Fee

Classic ski destination in the Alps that also has a great culinary experience to offer. The Fletschhorn restaurant, with one star in the Guide Michelin, holds the lead and offers extraordinary experiences for your taste buds.
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