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Orsa Gronklitt is a popular Swedish ski resort that is close to Stockholm (three hours by car). If you fly into Vasteras Hasslo or Stockholm Arlanda Airport, you can be at your ski resort in no time. This resort offers you an excellent opportunity to discover the wonders of skiing in Sweden. It is one of the most southern ski resorts, only about 300 kilometers from Stockholm, but the climate is good and you can be sure to get good snow coverage and find true winter spirit. This resort is of medium size and targets families. The slopes are of moderate gradient and are short if you compare to any Alp resort, but you can let your children go around alone and feel confident they can manage.

A real Paradise

Most people who once have visited Orsa Gronklitt (Orsa Grönklitt) will return once in a while. The service is excellent, good snow conditions, good size of the ski resort and perfect for families with younger children. There are also many other activities to choose from. Some people come here only for the cross-country skiing as it is known to be one of the best places in Sweden.

The area is continuously growing but you will find around 20 ski slopes and 10 ski lifts. At the top of the mountain, at 561 meters above sea level, you have a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape and the lake far below.

If you want to try the cross-country tracks, have a go and try one of the tracks. There are in total 60 kilometers of well-prepared tracks for both traditional skiing and skating. You can enjoy the fresh air, beautiful nature and just clear your mind. This is a really inspiring place to be.

It is very easy to bring children to Orsa Gronklitt. There are ski areas adapted for children and they ski in a secured area.

Close to Stockholm

This ski holiday location in Dalarna in the middle of Sweden is only 300 kilometers from Stockholm. Depending on where you live, you can go here by air, car or train. The closest airport is not more than 30 kilometers away, but only domestic routes will take you here. The easiest way to travel to Orsa Gronklitt is to rent a car at the airport in Stockholm.

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