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Niseko, Japan

One of the best known places in the world for powder snow freaks is Niseko on Hokkaido in northern Japan.The cold winds from Siberia reach Japan and carry a lot of snow. In winter time there is usually 15 meters of average snow fall and the depth of snow can be about five meters. Skiers and snowboarders come here from all over the world. Of course, a lot of Japanese people ski here too, but otherwise there are plenty of Australians. If you compare Japanese and Australian snow Japanese snow has a water content of six per cent and Australian snow fifty per cent. That difference surely explains a lot - go to Japan for powder snow!

The best period for skiiing on really dry, fine snow is January and February.

Several skiing areas

The skiing area in Niseko consists of five smaller areas where Hirafu, Annapuri and Hagashiyama are the best known. The system has 38 ski-lifts, 61 pistes and is well kept together. Even if the pistes are fantastic it is,however, not prinmarily for those people come here - but for what is outside them.

From Hirafu you can see Mt Yotei, a vulcano covered by snow. It is a wonderful scenery, white like the whitest winter tale. Since there is continual snowfall you cannot expect there to be continual sunshine, but the sunny days are unforgettable. A nice detail about ski-lifts is that they are open twelve hours a day. In the evening the slopes are floodlit and you will be riding in a beam of light surrounded by darkness. This is particularly cool if you are skiing a bit outside the piste through the forest.

Ski trip and culture

A ski trip to Japan is so much more than just skiing. You don't come here just for the wild afterski or to eat cheese fondue, but for skiing and culture. You are aware of Japanese architecture whereever you go just like Japanese food is all around you. There is more than sushi to explore with a great variety of nice dishes.

Adventure is unevitable

When skiing is over for the day, or maybe as a period of rest between afternoon and evening skiing there are hot springs, so-called onsen, for you to visit. They are embedded in forests and snow and it is incredibly nice to lower yourself into the hot water with a cold beer in your hand. There are onsen both for men and female respectively or mixed ones. Before jumping into the hot water you will have to wash according to all the specific traditional rules. Do remember that you cannot wear swimming gear so prepare yourself for a cultural shock.

If you wish to get some excitement outdoors there are snow mobiles for hiring, ice climbing, snow shoe walks and kilometers of cross-country trails. You don't come here and get bored, that is simply not possible.

How to book your trip to Niseko

There are plenty of lodging alternatives, from fine hotels to simple chalets. Lodging is not so expensive as you might think. For about 55 euros you will find a comfortable double room.

Getting to Niseko

Niseko is about two and a half hours from Sapporo. There is a transfer coach to Niseko and also a train to Kucchan where you change for a coach. Japan is a modern country and you easily buy whatever equipment you failed to bring. There are, of course, skis and snowboards to rent and if you wish to go to ski school, there is one as well. There are guides for off-piste skiing. Enjoy Japan!

Hotel & accommodation in Niseko

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