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Mijoux-Col de la Faucille, France

Here you will find useful information if planning a ski vacation to airports nearby Mijoux-Col de la Faucille, driving directions as well as weather reports, piste facts, ski lifts and a lot more. Mijoux-Col de la Faucille is located in Europe and accessible by both air and road. The season in Mijoux-Col de la Faucille normally starts in middle December to March.

Mijoux-Col de la Faucille has 6 ski lifts and 15 kilometer pistes in total. The vertical drop is at most 533 meter and the highest served area by the ski lift system is at 1533 meter.

Airports close to Mijoux-Col de la Faucille

The fastest way to get to Mijoux-Col de la Faucille is normally by plane, unless you don't live nearby. The airport Geneva International Airport is only 17 kilometers from Mijoux-Col de la Faucille, which is an advantage as there are more transfer options and the travel time is shorter. Other alternative airports that are possible to fly to are Aix Les Bains, Chambery (82 kilometers distance), as well as St Exupéry, Lyon (100 kilometers from the ski resort).

Closest ski resorts to Mijoux-Col de la Faucille

Not far from Mijoux-Col de la Faucille is the ski resort Lélex/Crozet, the distance is only 8 kilometers. Other nearby ski resorts are Massif du Noirmont-Les Rousses (14 kilometers) and Praz de Lys-Sommand (51 kilometers).

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