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Kicking Horse, British Columbia, Canada

Are you an advanced skier and feel ready to face new challenges? If you have not yet visited Kicking Horse you really need to go here. This Canadian ski resort is a really cool place for anyone who knows how to manage their skis or snowboard. Until quite recently the only place to ski Kicking Horse would be to go by helicopter. Now a modern ski lift system has been built and the area is more easily accessible.

Even though Kicking Horse primarily targets the advanced skiers they do cater for all needs. There are slopes to suit all abilities.

Kicking Horse is a very modern ski resort but with a touch of the good old days. It opened up in year 2000 and has quickly expanded and gained world recognition due to its excellence.

Advanced skiing

When you first throw a glance at the ski map of Kicking Horse, donít get fooled by the number of ski lifts and ski slopes. Half of the mountain doesnít even show on the map. The lifts are quite few but there are numerous ways to go down the mountain.

In case you prefer to go on a ski slope, there are 120 slopes to explore. There have actually been restrictions imposed on off-piste skiing so if you are a law-abiding skier you should check regulations before booking your ski trip to Kicking Horse.

At the top of the mountain you find a lovely restaurant with absolutely fantastic views of the surrounding mountains and landscape. Have some lunch or a snack here.

Quiet village

Kicking Horse is, despite of its name, a rather calm place. People primarily come here for skiing and apparently donít want to sleep in. There are very nice after-ski locations with live music and good feeling but people generally donít stay out all night long.

There are lots of activities to try out as well such as snowmobiling, ice climbing, dog sleeding or walking. Or do it like the old days Ė go up the mountain by helicopter and down on skis.

Ski holiday in Kicking Horse

If you travel from Europe you need to book your flight some time in advance or just be lucky in order to get an affordable ski trip. Search for cheap flights to Calgary International Airport for the most convenient trip arrangements. It will take you about 2,5 hours to drive from the airport to the ski resort.

You can also try at a domestic connection to The Canadian Rockies International which
also is about 2,5 hoursí drive away. Also have a go at Vancouver Airport but do notice that it will take you up to ten hours to drive from the airport.

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