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The ski resort Hafjell (Lillehammer) is located in Norway, and if you are interested in going here, you will find the information you are looking for here. The skiing season in Hafjell (Lillehammer) usually starts in mid November to mid April.

Hafjell (Lillehammer) has 18 ski lifts and 50 kilometer pistes in total. The vertical drop is at most 864 meter and the highest served area by the ski lift system is at 1059 meter.

For those of you who like to ski in the dark, there is also the option of night skiing in Hafjell (Lillehammer). Other alternatives to skiing or snowboarding on the slopes are to try the fun park and halfpipe facilities in Hafjell (Lillehammer).

In case some of you feel like doing some Nordic skiing, Hafjell (Lillehammer) holds 300 kilometers of prepared tracks for doing that.

Airports close to Hafjell (Lillehammer)

For those of you who want to fly to Hafjell (Lillehammer) the nearest airport is Scandinavian Mountains Airport, Rörbäcksnäs. The distance from this airport to Hafjell (Lillehammer) is 128 kilometers.

Closest ski resorts to Hafjell (Lillehammer)

Other ski resorts near Hafjell (Lillehammer) are, for example, Skeikampen which is 22 kilometers away, Kvitfjell which is 31 kilometers away and Gålå which is at 46 kilometers distance from Hafjell (Lillehammer).


There are 11 restaurants in Hafjell (Lillehammer) with 12 different types of kitchens, the most popular being European, Norwegian and Pizza.

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