FAQ about Davos

Here you find some of the most common questions, and of course answers to them, that people usually have about Davos regarding the trip there, skiing, things to do, accommodation etc.

How do I get to Davos easiest?

If you want to come by air to Davos, Zurich Airport is the best option. From Zurich you can go by train to Davos, a 2.5-hour journey with one change of train needed. There are other transfer options available, such as shuttle service, rental car and taxis. On the road it is at least a 2 hour ride from Zurich Airport.

As already mentioned, you can go by train to Davos since the town has a train station, so it is of course possible to go to Davos by train as well, from basically anywhere in Europe.

How many 5-star hotels are there in Davos?

Davos has three centrally located 5-star hotels, being Steigenberger Grandhotel Belvedere, Precise Tale Seehof and Hotel Flüela. There is also the AlpenGold Hotel which is just outside the centre, but still close enough to walk into town. Looking at customer reviews, Hotel Flüela is the most popular one of these four hotels.

There are also plenty of highly rated 4-star hotels in Davos, both centrally located and just outside of the town. You can search and look at all hotels in Davos here.

Are there any Michelin starred restaurants in Davos?

No, strangely enough there are no Michelin starred restaurants in Davos. They do however have a Bib Gourmand awarded restaurant well worth trying. Located in the 4-star hotel Grischa - DAS Hotel Davos, you can find the restaurant Golden Dragon, a Chinese restaurant with Sichuan kitchen. You can find the menu and make reservation for a table here.

Is Davos a city or a ski resort?

Well, Davos is both a town and a popular ski resort, giving you the best of both worlds. As a town, Davos has a bigger permanent population and serves as a year-round destination for residents and visitors. It is also renowned for hosting the annual World Economic Forum (WEF), which attracts world leaders and influential figures from various fields to discuss global economic and political issues. But it is also a very popular ski resort with excellent skiing up to almost 2900 meters altitude.

The mix of a town and a ski resort has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. There are plenty of restaurants, shopping and different activities to find here. The downside is of course that it has less of a proper ski resort feeling, if that is what you are looking for.

What is the ski pass price in Davos?

A ski pass in Davos for one day of skiing is 81.00 CHF (83.49 EUR) for adults. The daily price for youth is 57.00 CHF (58.75 EUR), and you pay 32.00 CHF (32.99 EUR) per day for kids.

What are the best places to rent ski and snowboard equipment in Davos?

Davos has 3 places that rent out skis: Decathlon Mountain Davos, Paarsenn Sports and swissrent. Read more about the shops and book your ski equipment online here.

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