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Ceillac en Queyras, France

If you are planning to go on a ski holiday to Ceillac en Queyras you will here find both information about the ski system in Ceillac en Queyras, as well as everything you need to book for a ski trip here.

In Ceillac en Queyras there are in total 6 ski lifts that serve 25 km pistes.

If you want to fly to Ceillac en Queyras

For those of you who want to fly to Ceillac en Queyras the nearest airport is Torino International Airport, Turin. The distance from this airport to Ceillac en Queyras is 91 kilometers. Other alternative airports that are possible to fly to are Nice Cote d'Azur (118 kilometers distance), as well as Aix Les Bains, Chambery (129 kilometers from the ski resort).

Other ski resorts nearby Ceillac en Queyras

Not far from Ceillac en Queyras is the ski resort Saint-Véran, the distance is only 8 kilometers. Other nearby ski resorts are Risoul (11 kilometers) and Vars (13 kilometers).

Ski equipment in Ceillac en Queyras

We offer pre-booking of ski equipment in Ceillac en Queyras in co-operation with Skiset. When booking online you can save up to 50% compared with booking upon arrival.

Book your ski equipment online in Ceillac en Queyras here

Hotel & accommodation in Ceillac en Queyras

Here you will find in total 36 hotel, apartments and chalets/houses in Ceillac en Queyras.
30 accommodation options
Price/night from: 43 EUR
4 accommodation options
Price/night from: 70 EUR
1 accommodation options
Price/night from: 120 EUR
1 accommodation options
Price/night from: 220 EUR
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