Weather in Billingebacken

Here you find a 5-day forecast for the weather in Billingebacken. Right now we don't have any current snow depth report for Billingebacken but you can see the historical snow depth by following the link below.

Snow depth previous seasons

Do you want to know how much snow there was previous seasons in Billingebacken? You can see how the snow depth was per month in recent years, as well as detailed information per week.

Weather report for Billingebacken

5 days weather forecast for Billingebacken, including temperature and expected wind strength.
Date Temperature °C Wind-force m/s Wind Direction
Sun 7 Jul 14° 7 SV
Mon 8 Jul 16° 3 SV
Tue 9 Jul 19° 3 V
Wed 10 Jul 20° 5 SO
Thu 11 Jul 19° 4 V