Trysil is very close to the Swedish border but very different from Sweden. You can visit the major ski area of Sälen in Sweden on a day trip if you like, since it is very close.

Biggest ski resort in Norway

Trysil offers 65 ski slopes accessed by 32 ski lifts.

Stryn is the largest ski resort in Norway and has good capacity. Despite the large number of visitors there are seldom queues. Of the 65 runs there are 20 green, 17 blue, 17 red and 11 black. In total there are 71 km of slopes and the longest slope is more than five kilometers. The highest vertical drop is 685 meters – not like the Alps but good for being Norway!

Trysil is an ideal destination for both families with children, couples and friends as the slopes suit all skiers. In 2007 an excellent snow park was completed with big jums, rails etcetera.

Accommodation in Trysil

Trysil is part of Skistar, a big Swedish company that owns several ski resorts.
Book accommodation in Trysil via Skistar.

Travelling to Trysil

You need to fly to Oslo and continue by rental car. It is around 160 kilometers, but prepare to spend some hours driving as the roads can be small and also heavily monitorized by traffic cameras.

Rent ski equipment

There are 5 shops in Trysil that have ski rental, see their prices and where they are located.

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There are 25 restaurants in Trysil with 23 different types of kitchens, the most popular being European, Bar and Scandinavian.

Hotel & accommodations

Here you will find in total 56 hotel, apartments and chalets/houses in Trysil.
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