The best activities at ski resorts besides skiing

Ski resorts are not only a winter wonderland for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts, but they also offer a plethora of other activities that cater to a variety of interests of their visitors. They can be a treasure trove of activities beyond skiing, ranging from peaceful spa experiences to heart-pounding adventures. Here we will explore some of the best and most interesting activities that can be done on the ski trip that go beyond the excitement of the slopes, guaranteeing a memorable winter trip for everyone in the travel party.
Snow shoes in motion

Naturally, not all activities we list here are available at all ski resorts. Most of the larger ski resorts in the Alps can offer most of these activities, but smaller ski resorts naturally find it difficult to offer everything as the number of visitors are lesser.

Cross-country skiing - exercise and fun in the same package

An obvious activity besides downhill skiing is of course cross-country skiing. Most ski resorts have prepared trails for cross-country skiing, and many also have lighted trails for those who want to ski in the dark early in the morning or in the evening. Cross-country skiing is the perfect activity for those who want to combine exercise and training and at the same time enjoy the beautiful winter landscapes. If you are a brisk person, you can do both cross-country skiing in the morning and skiing on the slopes when the first daylight comes.

Snowshoes - embrace the winter wilderness

For those who prefer a slower pace activity but still are longing for the fresh winter air, snowshoeing is an ideal activity. Many ski resorts in the Alps offers this activity and many even have prepared tracks for this, and in in some cases even lit. Slowly pushing yourself forward in the snow with snowshoes gives both a nice calming feeling and nice low-intensity exercise, while at the same time it gives an intimate connection to nature and the winter wilderness as you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings that the mountains provide.

Winter hiking - discover hidden paths and panoramic views

For those of you who think it seems too exhausting to walk with snowshoes, there are many ski resorts that have winter hiking trails. This is a perfect activity for those who enjoy hiking and want to explore the surrounding wilderness on foot. Guided walks can also provide knowledge of the local flora, fauna and geological features of the area.

Ice skating - slide along the snow-capped peaks

Whether it's an outdoor rink or a frozen lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains, ice skating adds a touch of magic and is a wonderful experience on your ski holiday. Lace up a pair of skates and enjoy gliding across the ice, surrounded by breathtaking winter scenery. Some ski resorts even offer night skiing under the stars, creating a truly enchanting experience.

Sledding - a picturesque journey through the winter landscape

Travel back in time with a classic sleigh ride through the snow-covered landscape that surrounds the ski resort. A sleigh pulled by majestic horses provides a nostalgic and picturesque experience. It's a perfect activity for couples looking for a romantic interlude, or for families looking to create lasting winter memories together.

Après Ski - enjoy culinary delights and cozy pubs

One of the highlights for anyone who goes on a ski trip is, of course, après ski. For many, après ski means partying and partying, but it can mean so much more. After a day on the slopes, you can unwind in a cozy pub or café with a hot drink in front of a fireplace or enjoy a delicious meal in a nice restaurant. Many ski resorts have a wide variety of dining options, from gourmet restaurants to casual eateries that serve hearty portions for hungry skiers. Enjoy a glass of glühwein, share stories of the day's adventures and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere unique to these resorts.

Snowmobile - thrill of speed in the winter wonderland

For adrenaline junkies looking for a different kind of rush than skiing, riding a snowmobile is an exciting alternative. Explore the snow-covered fields surrounding the ski resort on a powerful snowmobile and experience the winter landscape in a whole new way. Guided tours are often available, ensuring a safe but exciting adventure for drivers of all skill levels.

Zipline - slide over the winter landscape

Another type of adrenaline-increasing activity is ziplining, which provides a scenic twist on the ski holiday. In most cases, these are built at the ski resorts for summer activities, but many have them open in winter as well, giving a different experience. Sliding through the crisp mountain air while enjoying a panoramic view of the snow-covered landscape is a powerful experience. Some resorts also offer ziplining at night, adding an extra thrill to this high-flying adventure.

Spa - relaxation at the highest level

Treat yourself to some well-deserved luxury at one of the ski resort's spa facilities. From hot tubs with panoramic mountain views to luxurious massages and rejuvenating beauty treatments, almost every ski resort offers relaxation to suit most people. Relax sore muscles, rejuvenate body and soul and come out ready for another day of adventure on the slopes.

Yoga and meditation - balance body and soul

Recharge your mind and body with yoga and meditation, something offered at many ski resorts. Whether it is sunrise yoga, overlooking the brightening mountains, or meditation sessions in a tranquil snow-covered setting, these activities provide holistic well-being, complementing the physical exertion of skiing in a healing way.

Arts and culture - explore the local scene

Immerse yourself in the local culture and artistic scene by exploring galleries, attending cultural events or workshops offered at the ski resort or in the nearby villages. Some ski resorts have art exhibitions, and also live performances and other cultural events, which means that even a ski trip can have cultural elements.

Final words...

Ski resorts are not just for skiing, they are winter landscapes that offer a wide range of activities for all tastes. Whether you're after heart-pounding adventure, quiet relaxation or cultural immersion, these villages all have something to offer everyone. So, the next time you're planning a skiing holiday, consider the countless non-skiing activities that await you beyond the slopes, something that makes the trip even better and more memorable. In addition, all these activities are something that can be used to attract your non-skiing family members and friends to join your ski holiday.
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