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Pyhä-Luosto, Finland

Feel like trying out the skiing in Pyhä-Luosto? Here you will find weather reports, piste facts and ski resorts close to Pyhä-Luosto as well as maps and driving directions to Pyhä-Luosto. The season in Pyhä-Luosto normally starts in mid November to start May.

Pyhä-Luosto has pistes totaling 13 kilometer, of which 7 kilometer are blue easy pistes, 4 kilometer red and slightly more challenging slopes, and 2 kilometer black and more difficult pistes. Here you'll find 9 lifts, with a total capacity of 12870 passengers/hour. The vertical drop is at most 297 meter and the highest served area by the ski lift system is at 500 meter. The longest piste in Pyhä-Luosto is 1.8 kilometers.

If you haven't had enough of skiing after a day on the slopes, you can continue skiing even after the sun has gone down as there is the option of night skiing in Pyhä-Luosto. For snowboarders or the more adventurous skiers, there is also access to a fun park, as well as a halfpipe facility.

If you have family members or others in your party who are not interested in down hill skiing, there are cross-country skiing tracks available at a total length of 150 kilometers.

If you want to fly to Pyhä-Luosto

If you want to fly to Pyhä-Luosto the closest airport is Kittilä Airport, with a distance of 106 kilometers from the ski resort.

Other ski resorts nearby Pyhä-Luosto

Ski resorts near Pyhä-Luosto include Salla (92 kilometers distance), Levi (115 kilometers distance) and Ylläs (122 kilometers distance).

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Here you will find in total 46 hotel, apartments and chalets/houses in Pyhä-Luosto.
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