If you decide to go on a ski holiday to Poland, you have something exciting to look forward to! The Polish mountains and ski resorts may be of varying quality and the slopes canít really be compared to the Alps, but you get so much else! Itís also very affordable. A ski holiday in Poland means a cultural experience, wonderful beer, new dishes to discover and a hospitable reception.

Ski tourism to Poland has increased greatly in recent years and the resorts have developed rapidly. It has undertaken some major development in lift systems, and airport transfers and accommodation has been adapted to meet the demands of international tourists. You do not generally have to worry about a lack of security. However, it is still affordable. ĎCheapí would be another way to define a ski holiday in Poland. Ski passes, transfers, accommodation and food will all be cheaper than in most other countries. You can easily spend every evening in a restaurant without feeling that you are being ripped off.

The Polish ski resorts are located in southern Poland. You fly to Krakow or Katowice and spend a few hours on a bus transfer, depending on where you are going.

Zakopane is the most internationally known Polish ski resort. There are slopes for beginners, intermediate levels and more advanced skiers. Zakopane forms part of a greater ski area.

Another ski resort, near Zakopane, is Bialka Tatrzanska , slightly more quiet and fewer foreign tourists, but still good skiing. There are three main areas: Kotelnica , Bania and Kaniowka .

Another suggestion is Krynicka , which is located in south-eastern Poland. Here are several slopes for more advanced skiers.

Note that none of the ski systems are particularly large. They are perfect for a long weekend - or why not visit two different areas during your ski trip to Poland? If you're travelling with your family, it could be worth noticing that some ski resorts have age limits on some pistes.

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