Mariborsko Pohorje (Maribor)
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Mariborsko Pohorje (Maribor), Slovenia

Mariborsko Pohorje (Maribor) is a ski resort in the Alps in Slovenia. If you are looking for information about Mariborsko Pohorje (Maribor) to plan a ski trip here, you will find most of what you need to know here. The best time of year to ski in Mariborsko Pohorje (Maribor) is during the mid December to end March.

Mariborsko Pohorje (Maribor) has pistes totaling 35 kilometer, of which 20 kilometer are blue easy pistes, 12 kilometer red and slightly more challenging slopes, and 3 kilometer black and more difficult pistes. Here you'll find 14 lifts, with a total capacity of 17626 passengers/hour. The highest point in the ski system is at 1327 meter, which gives a vertical drop of 999 meter. For those of you who like to ski in the dark, there is also the option of night skiing in Mariborsko Pohorje (Maribor).

If downhill skiing isn't your thing, or other in travel company don't like it, there are 27 kilometers of cross-country skiing tracks available for those who needs a good exercise. If you want to take a break from skiing and like speed, you can try tobogganing, as Mariborsko Pohorje (Maribor) has a toboggan run that is open to the public.

If you want to fly to Mariborsko Pohorje (Maribor)

For those of you who want to fly to Mariborsko Pohorje (Maribor) the nearest airport is Thalerhof, Graz. The distance from this airport to Mariborsko Pohorje (Maribor) is 53 kilometers. It is also possible to fly to the airports Brnik, Ljubljana, which is 94 kilometers away, and Kärnten, Klagenfurt, which has a distance of 97 kilometers from Mariborsko Pohorje (Maribor).

Other ski resorts nearby Mariborsko Pohorje (Maribor)

Rogla is the closest ski resort to Mariborsko Pohorje (Maribor) with a distance of 22 kilometers. Other ski resorts nearby are Zagreb (Mount Sljeme), 75 kilometers away, and at 87 kilometers away from Mariborsko Pohorje (Maribor) you will find Krvavec.

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