Do you enjoy both sunny, cold skiing and cheap, hot shopping? Then the choice of the ski resort is given - Livigno combines the best of both!

Livigno is located in a valley surrounded by high mountains. In the 16th century they wanted to reward those who lived in isolated areas and this resulted in tax exemptions. This has actually survived and the village is thus a tax free zone - but today it is obviously no longer isolated. Leave your skiing equipment and home and take the chance to get some brand new things.

Livigno is beautifully situated in Valtellina valley at 1,816 meters above sea level. It consists of three parts: Santa Maria, San Antonio and San Rocco. There are beautiful views of both the Italian and the Swiss Alps and the nature is magnificent.

Skiing is concentrated to the two mountain sides Carosello and Mottolino and spans across six different areas. In total there are 115 kilometers of pistes and 74 ski slopes, mostly blue and red.

Livigno suits all kinds of skiers

If you are traveling together but have different experience, Livigno is certainly recommend! The skiing suits all skiers, from beginner level to the most advanced. The beginners have a good variety of blue slopes to choose from. These are located the closest to the village. The average skier has an excellent variety of pistes in the mid-mountain are and the very experienced skier can head to the top of the mountain.

Livigno faces south and usually has a lot of sunshine, but there is also a shady area where you will find cold and dry snow most of the time: Monte de la Neve at 3,000 meters. Take the cable car up the mountain and have a go at the good red and black slopes.

In case you want to try another ski resort for a day, St. Moritz in Switzerland is very close.

Are you a snowboarder?

If so you are about to discover a great place. Snowboarders tend to love Livigno as there are few flat areas where you might need to walk, good fun and snow parks, half-pipes and big jumps.

Are you travelling with children?

For families with children, Livigno is a great ski resort. Long, wide and sunny ski slopes and rather low pries. Both accommodation and food is relatively cheap. At the end of the day there is a huge range of exciting activities to try with your children.

Exciting activities on offer in Livigno

If you are in search of excitement there are plenty of winter activities to try. Have a go at the car track which is built on the frozen lake. Horse-riding is another option and un unforgettable experience. The snow will whirl around you and your horse.

You can also try ice-climbing, which can be very exciting. They have even built a tower in the village where you can try out ice-climbing in a very safe environment. If you are more experienced there are dozens of frozen waterfalls to choose from.

Several airports to choose from

When travelling to Livigno by air there are several airports to choose from. Search and book your flight to Bergamo, Milan, Brescia, Treviso/Venice, Innsbruck or Salzburg.

The drawback of Livigno is the transfer time from the airport. It will take you around four or five hours. Renting a car at the airport is quite convenient but you need to pass the Munt la Schera tunnel and pay the toll fee. It is however not very high.

In case you would like to combine your visit to Livigno with Venice or Milan, a rental car will also really help.

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Ski schools

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There are 96 restaurants in Livigno with 24 different types of kitchens, the most popular being Italian, Lombard and Northern Italian.

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