Elbrus and Cheget

Elbrus and Cheget, Russia

In Russia, you will find, in addition to Krasnaya Polyana, Elbrus, which with its 5,642 meters is the highest mountain in Europe. Many mountaineers go here during the summer to hike up to the top. Winter is just as good, or better, at Elbrus.

If you do not want to do a top attack that includes walking and climbing uphill with skis, a guide and a heavy backpack, you can visit Cheget instead which is located further down the valley. A lovely Russian ski resort.

Travelling to Elbrus and Cheget

You fly here via Moscow. Make sure to pack essentials in your hand luggage if something would be lost on the road, because there are not many shops to pick up new gear in. Also make sure to not overpack as they tend to be picky about it in Moscow, or you can end up paying a fortune to the ladies at the check- in counter.

Hotel & accommodation in Elbrus and Cheget

Unfortunately there is currently no availability for hotels, apartments and chalets/houses in Elbrus and Cheget just nu
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