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Feel like trying out the skiing in Beitostølen? Here you will find weather reports, piste facts and ski resorts close to Beitostølen as well as maps and driving directions to Beitostølen. The skiing season in Beitostølen usually starts in start December to end April.

Beitostølen has 7 ski lifts and 12 kilometer pistes in total. The highest point in the ski system is at 1101 meter, which gives a vertical drop of 201 meter. The longest piste in Beitostølen is 1.6 kilometers.

If you haven't had enough of skiing after a day on the slopes, you can continue skiing even after the sun has gone down as there is the option of night skiing in Beitostølen. Other alternatives to skiing or snowboarding on the slopes are to try the fun park and halfpipe facilities in Beitostølen.

In case some of you feel like doing some Nordic skiing, Beitostølen holds 320 kilometers of prepared tracks for doing that.

Airports close to Beitostølen

If you want to fly to Beitostølen the closest airport is Sogndal Airport, with a distance of 95 kilometers from the ski resort.

Closest ski resorts to Beitostølen

Other ski resorts near Beitostølen are, for example, Valdres which is 44 kilometers away, Hemsedal which is 47 kilometers away and Gålå which is at 55 kilometers distance from Beitostølen.


There are 13 restaurants in Beitostølen with 13 different types of kitchens, the most popular being European, Norwegian and Italian.

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