In the heart of the Pyrenées you will find one of the best ski resorts in Spain. Baqueira Beret is actually the largest ski resort in Spain and stretches over a big area that offers more than 110 kilometers of ski slopes.

Apart from downhill skiing you can also enjoy marvellous cross-country skiing. If you feel like going down the mountain and have a lot of space to move around, avoid the major crowds and have a really nice ski holiday, you should continue to read about Baqueira Beret.

Skiing in Spanish style

Baqueira Beret is a large ski resort with wide and long slopes and you never need to worry about it being over-crowded around you. This is a true paradise for intermediate skiers who feel comfortable skiing blue and red pistes. There are 78 well-kept ski slopes, mainly blue and red. There are also six green slopes. If you are a very advanced skier who prefer black pistes and going off-pistee, there are ski resorts that are better suited. There are some black slopes but rather few. Several of the ski slopes run through the forest and you are well-protected from wind and snow storms. You do get a wonderful feeling of being outdoors and in the nature.

When you have finished skiing, try out the Spanish delicacies, such as wine and tapas. There is a good selection of restaurants in town as well as bars and discotheques.

If you feel like relaxing, resting or just hanging out in town, Baqueira Beret has a good offering of post-skiing activities. There is even a cinema and a museum. You can also discover the beautiful surroundings.

How to travel to Baqueira Beret?

The most convenient way of travel is to catch a flight to one of the closest airports and then continue by bus or rental car. Toulouse is the closest airport but Barcelona is another excellent choice. Close to Barcelona is Girona which is served by Ryanair. The easiest way to travel from the airport is to rent a car. Make sure you book a ski rack and snow chains as the climate will vary a lot from the airport until you have reached your ski resort.

It is quite easy to find a good hotel in Baqueria Beret. There are close to 4,000 beds available but this resort is popular so do book in advance if you travel at peak season.

Rent ski equipment in Baqueira Beret

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Ski schools in Baqueira Beret

Do you want to improve your skiing or simply learn to ski or snowboard? Through our partner CheckYeti you will find 28 different classes and instructors in Baqueira Beret who can help you with this, in addition with the possibility to get up to 15% discount on the normal price. Many of the classes also have free cancellation.

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Hotel & accommodation in Baqueira Beret

Here you will find in total 200 hotel, apartments and chalets/houses in Baqueira Beret.
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