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Ski equipment in Auris en Oisans

If you want to rent ski or snowboard equipment in Auris en Oisans you've found the right place. Through our partnership with, you can save up to 50% compared to book the equipment when arriving to Auris en Oisans. You know that your equipment is waiting for you when you arrive at, and you don't need to worry that the equipment you want is already rented out.

At the moment cooperates with 3 ski rental shops in Auris en Oisans, all which you find further down with direct links to the shops.

Book your ski equipment online in Auris en Oisans here

Shops with ski rental in Auris en Oisans

Coco Sport

Address: 6 place des Orgières

Ekosport-rent Auris Ski

Address: Résidence Odalys - Zac des Orgières, Les Orgières

Intersport ALPES 3000 SPORT

Address: Résidence Les Martagons
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