Corvara - village adjacent to Alta Badia

The village of Corvara is located near the ski resort Alta Badia in Italy. Many choose to stay here because it's a bit quieter, and you can often find more budget-friendly accommodation. From here, you still have access to all the skiing facilities in Alta Badia.

Rent ski equipment in Corvara

In Corvara you can book your ski equipment in the shop Sport Kostner. If you choose to book your ski equipment online before you go to Corvara, you can get up to up to 50% discount on the rent. In other words, you can save both money and time and be guaranteed that you get the equipment you want is available.

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Ski lessons in Corvara

If you want to learn how to ski or ride a snowboard, just improve your skiing, or perhaps enroll your children in a ski school while you are on a ski vacation in Corvara, there are opportunities for this available here. In total, you find 1 different ski lessons in Corvara at the moment.

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Right now you will find 63 accommodations in Corvara through us, distributed among different stars as below.

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