Ak Bulak-Talgar

Ak Bulak-Talgar, Kazakhstan

Interested in ski holidays to Ak Bulak-Talgar? Here you will e.g. find information on ski slopes, weather conditions and maps. In case you feel like going to Ak Bulak-Talgar from Europe you need to go by air as Ak Bulak-Talgar is on another continent. The skiing season in Ak Bulak-Talgar usually starts in December to start April.

Ak Bulak-Talgar has 5 ski lifts and 10 kilometer pistes in total. The vertical drop is at most 1050 meter and the highest served area by the ski lift system is at 2700 meter.

Closest ski resorts to Ak Bulak-Talgar

The ski resort Chimbulak is the nearest ski resort, the distance from Ak Bulak-Talgar is 28 kilometers.

Hotel & accommodation in Ak Bulak-Talgar

Unfortunately there is currently no availability for hotels, apartments and chalets/houses in Ak Bulak-Talgar just nu
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