Top tips for a successful ski trip for the whole family

Skiing is something for the entire family and appreciated by most. Prepare well in advance to get the best of out your ski holiday with your children. These are our main tips for a successful family ski vacation:

1. Beginners
If you have access to some easy ski slopes nearby, do have a go at them before taking your children skiing for the first time in a real ski resort. It will pay off to have them put on the skiing equipment and try their skis for the first time beforehand, so they are familiar with it when you arrive at your ski resort.

2. Family friendly ski resorts
Be picky when you decide where to go. Does the atmosphere of the ski resort suit a family, what kind of ski slopes are there, is there a children’s dedicated area, is there a swimming pool and so on.

3. Ski clothes
Make sure your children are well-equipped. If they get wet, cold or even too warm, it could really spoil your day and they will not want to ski. Spend some time to find appropriate clothing. You can buy some clothes used and save a fortune.

4. Socks
Sounds silly, but do pay attention to the feet. If the feet get cold or hurt, most children want to stop skiing and go indoors. Have a thin pair of socks as a first layer and some wollen ski socks on top.

5. Gloves
Spend some money on good gloves, even if they out-grow them next year. Put some strappers on them so they can’t lose them from the ski-lift.

6. Sunglasses and googles
When the sun reflects on the snow the light gets very sharp and children also need sunglasses and sungoggles. You can buy sungoggles for different kind of weather, but go for a pair that suits most conditions and wear sunglasses in combination with goggles if needed.

7. Helmet
Don’t ski without a helmet! Goes for children and adults alike. If you buy your own, you know its history and if it could be damaged inside or not.

8. Attitude
Keep a good attitude, even it is hard at times, and your children will look back at your ski holiday as something positive and fun and will look forward to your next visit to the ski resort.

9. Ski pass
Strap it to the jacket, even if it is inside the pocket. You use don’t want them to lose it.

10. Pocket money
If you have children that ski alone, put some money in their pocket in case they get hungry or thirsty.

11. Phone numbers
Write your phone number on a piece of paper and stash in your child’s pocket. Just out of caution in case you get separated.

12. Camera
Take loads of photos so you can remember and talk about your ski holiday until next time!

Ski clothes

You can really save a fortune if you buy used ski clothes. Ski clothes are often really expensive but since most people wear them only a week per year, give or take some, they are often in good condition.

By the end of the winter season many stores have major discounts on this year’s collection and you can get ski clothes at very good prices. They don’t fall out of fashion too much and you will be able to have them for future winter seasons.

If you don’t have ski clothes you can also ask a friend if you may borrow.
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