Going skiing this summer?

Are you curious about skiing in the summer time? Skiing "off season" is really a remarkable experience where you encounter the summer and the winter at the same time. You can (theoretically although not very advisable) ski in your swimwear in dazzling sunshine, but the snow remains cool. Just slap on a lot of sunscreen!
The weather conditions also seriosly impact the quality of the snow, it could get so warm you feel like you're surfing on top of a slush puppie! The summer snow is generally very wet and heavy.

Where to head for summer skiing?
There are several places to head to around the world, if you're summer is the same as the northern hemisphere. South America and Australia have a few places well worth visiting, such as Thredbo i Australia. However, this is mainly what we would refer to as winter skiing, as they actually are just opening up for the winter season. That leaves us North America, Asia and Europe. Being a European myself, I have checked out a few places.

Stryn in Norway is awesome. There is sun almost all day and night, the slopes are steep and of good quality. Since there is no glacier, the weather conditions remain rather stable even during extreme summer heat in the valley.

Tignes and Val d'Isere in FranceReally popular areas, not too small. Breath taking views and nice atmosphere. People come here for lots of other activities too during the summer. Training area for national teams.

Hintertux, Innerpiztal and Kaprun in Austria
Favorites in Austria! Relaxed places for great skiing and hang out. Teams come here to practice but it doesn't get too crowded normally. Beautiful area if you want to combine with other activities such as hiking.

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