Ski Like the Olympians

Looking for a taste of Olympic glory? While you can’t necessarily ski Sochi just yet, and you may not want to with the warmer temperatures anyway, there are lots of other resorts you can consider that will offer you a taste in your next skiing holiday.

  • Hakuba, Japan: The site of many ski events in the 1998 Winter Olympics and the debut of Olympic snowboarding, you won’t find a more interesting spot to plan an international ski holiday than this one. With 15 ski lifts and 21 pistes, you can ski here from December to April. Every day is a new experience, and the average snow depth is more than 2.5 metres, so you can find something to meet your needs, no matter what type of skier you are. The best part is that you can find a number of different accommodation options here including condos, ski lodges, 5 star hotels, and more.
  • Nakiska, Canada: Another famed Olympic spot, this is a great North American ski experience. It may seem further than many ski holiday experiences, but it’s certainly worth it. You’ll find 6 lifts and 28 pistes, with the highest being 2260 metres above sea level. This season, too, runs December to April, and in addition to the great downhill choices, there are also 40 kilometres of cross-country tracks available. Located just forty-five minutes from the large metropolis of Calgary, you can relax here with some amazing lodging choices as well as great deals on lift tickets and other entertainment choices.

Skiing like Olympians in past years is more than possible with great destinations like these. Plan your next ski holiday in advance, and find your style on slopes that found their way into history thanks to amazing gold medal performances.


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