Cool backpack that could save your life

I found a really cool backpac - Black Diamond Covert 22. The cool thing about it is the built in Avalung function. Avalung helps you if you get trapped under the snow in an avalanche and helps to prolong the time you survive in order to get dug out. With the Avalung the chance of surviving increases up to one to three hours.

The Avalung extracts the oxygen from the surrounding snow and reaches your lungs via a kind of snorkel, a bit similar to the one you would use at sea. The air you exhale is transported via another tube to another part of the snow mass, so you will not get poisoned.

In all, a really smart invention that is really worth the bucks! The major con with it is the weight, though. You'll have to carry some extra weight to gain this fabulous function. However, you also get some basic ski back pack functions, such as axe loops and clips for skis or a snowboard. It is also prepared for a fluid system. The pack is 22 litres.
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