3 Ways to Save On Your Holiday Now

A ski holiday can be the perfect way to get a much needed break in the midst of the dreary doldrums of winter, but with the ever changing economy, you may need a ski holiday that doesn’t completely drain your funds. Wondering how to get it? These tips can help.

  • Book Sooner: If you know you’re going to want a February ski holiday, book as early as you possibly can, perhaps by September. As soon as the leaves begin to change, ski resorts start counting their chickens, and you can typically find some great package ski holidays at phenomenal prices if you book that early. Wait until late fall, though, and you’re already out of luck, so decided on the spur of the moment is out if you really want the best deals.
  • Don’t Ski When Everyone Else Does: Seem like everyone in your office is booking a holiday filled with some serious action on the slopes? That’s the time you don’t want to go. Off-peak means extra savings for you. Worldwide, the season lasts four to six months, so depending on where you want to ski, remember that prices are highest when the snow is best. If you can hold out until the end of the season or take a chance at the start of the season, you’re going to get better prices overall.
  • Look for discounts: The Internet is good for nothing if it’s not good for dedicated skiers discussing where to get the best prices on equipment, lift tickets and more. Haunt a few discussion boards here and there to see if you can pick up the tricks and tips you need to make a good deal on every aspect of your holiday.
It is possible to ski for less, but you may not get everything you want. Learn to compromise a bit, and you’ll have quite a bit of fun on quite a bit less this year.


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